PEADAR HICKEY - Guitar and Vocals


Band leader Peadar Hickey comes from Dublin, Ireland and has been a main fixture on the New York music scene since landing in the US in 2010. A full-time performer across many genres, Peadar draws from folk, traditional, rock and country music making him a highly versatile entertainer and front man. Peadar has toured the US and Europe extensively with various bands including The Young Wolfe Tones, The Prodigals and The Mickey Dodgers but is best known for being one of Times Square's mainstay entertainers.

Photographed here just missing the high F note in Fairytale of New York.



New York born, Matt Mancuso is an extraordinary musician. His playing is spirited and exuberant, yet underpinned by deep technical mastery.

As a young child, Matt was introduced to Irish Music by his father Pete, a respected guitarist . Matt studied with the renowned musician and teacher Maureen Glynn and with Tony De Marco Matt went on to compete in the prestigious All Ireland competitions.  Matthew was placed highly 7 years  in a row in solo and group competitions. 

As Matt grew his musical horizons broadened. He went on to add the love of Jazz to his firm grounding in traditional Irish music. He picked up the trumpet and immersed himself in the Jazz stylings of the greats – Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and Clifford Brown, among others. It was not long before he brought the same mastery to the trumpet as he had to the fiddle. And he continues to add instruments to his list, most recently the tenor guitar and guitar.


Matthew has toured the world with Lord of the dance (2002-2005), Europe  and U.S. with Grada (2005-2008)  The Cathie Ryan band (2006- present) Mathew has also taught Irish traditional fiddle  workshops in Europe and US since 2006.

Photographed here telling rude jokes.


The engine of The Mickey Finn's drives Basket House Band's music with his unique percussion technique. His djembe and cymbal set up combined with a percussive instinct honed with various groups over the years is truly a joy to behold.

Seen here preparing to top Matt's rude joke when this song is finished.